From stunning visuals that stop the scroll to thought-provoking messages,
our content solutions have the power to reshape consumer perception.




Intuitive, informational content allows you to dive into the world of LG. Our creative team is dedicated to designing a unique user experience through impactful storytelling that brings the products to life.

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Our digital campaigns provide an immersive product experience with static, dynamic, video and interactive assets. These advertising solutions are designed to reach target consumers on a deeper level through various social media and e-commerce channels.




We provide customized visuals to address customer pain points from all angles. Our results-driven design process relies on research, strategy and seamless execution to create the best digital experiences.





Thumb-stopping campaigns should reach the right people at the right moment. Our media experts achieve optimal ad placement and performance by keeping their finger on the pulse when it comes to new trends, technologies and behaviors.



Using intuitive tools, such as Meta's Dynamic Product Ads and Pixel integration, we deliver relevant offerings to target audiences based on their interests, intent and actions. With this curated visitor data, we have increased product visibility and driven direct conversion results for our partners' websites.



By designing highly customized campaigns, we've successfully driven users to acquire specific products via true performance marketing within Programmatic Display. Our optimized feeds and segmented display ads target users at different stages in the buying funnel, consistently delivering on our clients' target KPI of ROAS and revenue.


Through a unified, consolidated bidding approach and real-time feed data, we are able to generate learnings across all of our subsidiary campaigns. This enables us to set up extremely targeted ads that drive conversions to our clients' online brand stores, while also generating offline interest for our retail partners.






By utilizing a continuous stream of data to optimise every deliverable, we can tap into niche markets and reach industry-leading performance metrics.



Our data-driven approach to understanding consumer behavior allows us to build holistic 360° customer profiles in a unified, single-point customer database for our clients. By collecting data through multiple touchpoints and sources, we can enhance the entire customer journey, from paid and owned media to email outreach and site-wide communication.



Technology is critical for impactful digital initiatives, and HS Ad Europe is holding the key by implementing a host of ad-tech and data solutions to create a sophisticated data infrastructure for our partners. Our out-of-the-box creative campaign innovations hold conversion at their core, and allow us to collect and process data to fuel our clients' digital transformations.






Our valuable insights and strategic approach allow us to connect with customers across even the most competitive markets and audiences.



Our team of dedicated account managers and campaign planners rely on strategic insight to conceptualize holistic media mixes to determine the best way for our clients to reach their target audience at the desired KPIs. Using our existing publisher relationships, we can fine tune benchmarks for success and highlight where to put the budget and where to leave it off to develop the right media mix for each campaign.



HS Ad provides strategic guidance across all major consumer touchpoints. Besides paid media strategy, our teams also monitor other channels to maximize traffic and optimize conversion rates. In collaboration with our clients, we developed a strategic roadmap to identify and conquer untapped organic search traffic potentials across user’s search journeys through in-depth keyword and competitor analysis.




Analyzing information from all CX touchpoints allows us to truly understand the needs of the consumer. We apply cutting-edge technology to enhance data infrastructure and delivery, generate actionable insights, drive decision making and prevent PII or sensitive information from leakage with complete end-to-end data security.









Our in-store management team has what it takes to conceptualize, plan and execute your vision in living colour.




Our experienced team provides in-store and retail shop display solutions for home entertainment, home appliance and IT products. We strive to enhance and increase the brand value within retail spaces through the skillful application of interactive, eye-catching product merchandising.





Corporate identity should be showcased at the closest consumer contact points. From design to implementation, we offer full service store interior/exterior displays, signage, POP and promotional print materials to manifest a clear, contemporary message. We also build PR spaces, including permanent showrooms, to bring our customers' CI/BI to an expansive audience.





With the best know-how and experience, we are capable of providing a full line of interior solutions.
Our repertoire ranges from showrooms to offices and other corporate facilities.





Since 2012, we've provided an integrated brand solution by using In-Store Marketing and BTL as a bridge to connect offline and online business across more than 26 European countries. The In-Store Management team plans, designs and executes in-person, end-to-end 'Life's Good' experiences from store product placements to merchandising.








Bring your brand into the spotlight — live and in person. Our event team can help you connect with your customers and visualize your brand value right in front of their eyes.




We plan and implement the full concept of design, construction and logistics for individual events and exhibitions. Our experienced teams and partners carry out customized projects all around Europe to deliver memorable events that bring a brand's value into the spotlight.